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I am a graduate of Olivet Nazarene University in Bourbonnais, IL. I studied Engineering while I attended Olivet and I am now using my degree as a Project Engineer at Illinois Tool Works. We make plastic automotive fasteners that help to hold a lot of things to your car that you really need – like brake and fuel lines, hoses and electrical cables and much, much more.

I am also working with a small startup company called New Ink Design. At New Ink, we believe that people matter and that connected people can do wonderful things. One of the big ways that people are connecting today is through various forms of web based communication. New Ink believes that web pages, logos, videos and web-based apps are wonderful ways for people to communicate – and we plan to make those ways even better.


Aside from my career(s), I am currently engaged to a wonderful woman named Abby. We are getting married in May and we are so thrilled to be starting our life together. Just the other day Abby sent me a text that read, “Hey, I want to marry you right now. Come pick me up from work!” We decided it would be best if we waited until May, because not doing so might set off a small civil war in our family!


I love leading. Ever since I can remember, I have been placing myself in areas of leadership – some of these were good situations and others we won’t discuss! Even so, I love to see people being lead well, from a leader who is passionate and who has a vision and a plan to get everyone there together. I have enjoyed leading in various music avenues, all of which involve a church in some form or another. It would also be ridiculous for me not to mention that I absolutely love music; it’s great to get lost in a great song.

And I can’t leave out the wonderful human experience of athletics. I love kickin’ a soccer ball around or enjoying the open road on my bike. And in my mind, there is nothing better than a Saturday in the fall, watching the Ohio State Buckeyes throw that pig skin around the field. Thank God for college football!

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